About us

AVE Company since its beginning in 1990 has supplied the manufactures and end-users from a petrochemical sector.

We are dynamic team. It is our aim to continue to seek opportunities to develop so we’ve started the cooperation with leading producers of special oils, lubricants, adhesives, fuel additives and bio-fuel additives. 

We offer the highest quality products as well as the professional service and technical advising. Our dedicating team of lubricants application experts help to find solution on every stage of the production process. 

We are the exclusive importer of deadening material for the railway industry by GRIWECOLOR, reference fuels by CHEVRON PHILLIPS and deicing product for the pavements and surfaces – Eis Tiger. Among our vast offer are also TOTAL solvents and oils, ZDZ Słupsk products, TECTYL anticorrosive products. In 2005 our company start the close cooperation with Oil and Gas Institute from Krakow. 
Being with the major and well know producers for years ensures that we prepare the best offer for best quality products.

The base of our business is the strong and long lasting  relationship with the suppliers and the clients.
Esteem and fairness together with mutual trust is very important for us.  We focus on the best service, products availability and well-planed logistics.

We supply end users, micro-enterprise, macro-enterprise as well as the biggest manufacturers in Poland.



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